13th Meeting – Zurich 19.10/20.10.2023


Welcome & Host Presentation (Zurich Airport)

Focus Session on Sustainability and Environmental Performace Capacities (see Presentations)

Workshop Session on UAVs (see Presentations)

Focus Session on Sustainability and Environmental Performance & Capacities (see Presentations)

Providers Corner – Update from providers of airside simulations, tools, … (Aeroficial, Vianair)

Brainstorming Session - Usecases for AI/ML / Future of Simulation & Performance Assessment ?


- Business Intelligence to analyze runway operations (ENAIRE)
- Vianair AIM -- Portland Case Study (Vianair)
- Future Flight 3 eVTOL project "Simulation of UAV Operations" - Update (NATS)
- UAV Vertiport Capacity Simulation tool (Skyports)
- Aircraft performance data for FTS (C. Schneider)
- Challenges of Stand Allocation & Towing (Dubai Airports)
- AI - real value ? (Fraport)
- xxx (Eurocontrol)

Meeting review & Topics for the next ASPAG


12th Meeting – Barcelona 27.04/28.04.2023


Welcome & Host Presentation (ENAIRE)

Workshop Session on UAVs (see Presentations)

Focus Session on Sustainability and Environmental Performance & Capacities (see Presentations)

Providers Corner – Update from providers of airside simulations, tools, … (ARC, ATAC, Transsoft, ISA Software, Vianair)

Brainstorming Session about the Future of Simulation & Performance Assessment using ML/AI (to be continued at the next meeting)

- STOL air taxi operation (RWTH)
- Vertiport operations and capacity assessment using discrete event simulation (RWTH) - //conf//
- Future Flight 3 eVTOL project "Simulation of UAV Operations" (NATS)
- Simulation of drones operation combined with car fire fighting movement (ENAC)
-Drone FTS (RAMS plus) used in DACUS (ISA Software)

- Vianair AIM - combining FTS and environmental assessment (Vianair)
- PBN to ILS at CDG (DGAC)

- Runway Capacity and Runway Occupancy Time Simulation (INECO/ENAIRE)


Meeting review & Topics for the next ASPAG


No meetings in 2020 & 2021 due to pandemic situation of COVID19




1st Meeting – Braunschweig 23./24.04.2015

Welcome & Host Presentation (DLR)

Rationale for ASPAG

Housekeeping / ‘ToR’

Round Table (short presentation from each organisation)

Set of Topics for ASPAG - Workshop session on members’ contribution and their areas of interest (Goal: Definition of the ASPAG Thematic Roadmap)

Agreement on set of topics for ASPAG

- Generic Airport for Capacity Planning (DLR)
- Assessment of Pre-tactical Planning Results with Fast Time Simulation (DLR)
- Impact of volcanic eruptions within neighbouring airspace (DLR)
- Contract-based ATM simulations (DLR)
- Modelling and Analysis work at NATS (NATS)
- BlueSky: an Open Air Traffic Simulation (TU Delft)

Meeting review

2nd Meeting – London 29./30.10.2015

Welcome & Host Presentation (ARUP)

- Simulation process to unfreeze the capacity in the French Alps (DGAC)
- Simulation of Mega Airports - Experiences and Issues (ARUP)
- Simulation assessment of airfield concept design: EC Harris experience (EC Harris)
- Manchester 2nd runway study (York Aviation)
- RWY Resurfacing study & work (Fraport)
- Potential Measures for the Reduction of the Environmental Impact of Airport Operations (DLR)
- ATM Scenario Simulation and Optimization (TU München)
- DFS simulation activities (DFS)
- Airport Lab – Standardised airport concept (DLR)
- London Airspace and Airports (NATS)
- Weather impact on airport performance (DLR)
- New Human-in-the-Loop simulation facility (ENRI)

Meeting review

3rd Meeting – Paris 28./29.04.2016

Welcome & Host Presentation (DGAC)

- Surveillance data analysis at Frankfurt airport (Fraport)
- PIATA_Neo (Eurocontrol)
- Airport in a Lab – Standards for Simulation (DLR)
- Quantitative simulation-based safety assessment of new PBN approaches (TU Dresden)
- Adapting tool usage and methodology to the studies (DGAC)
- Case study – current MEX airport (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)
- KPI’s and Service Levels at LHR (London Heathrow)
- Pre-tactical planning considering severe weather conditions (DLR)
- Modelling GSE equipment movements on the airfield (arcadis)

Meeting review

4th Meeting – Rom 17./18.11.2016

Welcome & Host Presentation (ENAV)

- DFS simulation – experiences and challenges in 2016 (DFS)
- Airfield enhancements at Dublin Airport (DAA & ARUP)
- Integrated Vehicle-Aircraft Simulation (ARC & Fraport)
- Simulation Model Configuration and Validation (NATS)
- Assessment of Airport Capacity Enhancements (DLR)
- Minimizing Pushback and Ground Emissions by Simulation – OSL case (Branko Bubalo)
- Capacity Impact of increasing LCC Operations at CGN-Airport (RWTH)

Meeting review

5th Meeting – Manchester 27./28.04.2017

Welcome & Host Presentation (MAG)


- ACAM – a commonly agreed methodology for capacity assessment & simulation (short term up to +10yrs)

- Manchester Transformation Program (MAG)
- A methodology for reducing complexity in the analysis of aviation systems (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)
- Airfield modelling KPIs (ARUP)
- Airfield Performance Measurement (arcadis)
- Forecast of Airport Demand in the Fukuoka FIR (ENRI)
- Simulation of various headwind scenarios (DGAC-STAC)

Meeting review

6th Meeting – Madrid 26./27.10.2017

Welcome & Host Presentation (ENAIRE)


- ACAM – RWY capacity studies
- RWY capacity studies – Examples (Fraport, Munich Airport, DLR, DAA & NATS, DGAC-STAC, ARUP)
- Issues in RWY capacity studies (DFS)
- Standardised Capacity Assessment in Spain (ENAIRE)

- Workshop Results of MAN (ASPAG Chairmen)
- Robust Transportation System Model and Optimization in Social System (ENRI & University of Tokio)
- Research on the Energy-saving Arrivals targeting Tokyo International Airport (ENRI)
- Thoughts and Dilemmas for Assessing Simulation Capabilities (Avinor)

Visit of ENAIRE Simulation Facilities

Meeting review

7th Meeting – Dublin 26./27.04.2018

Welcome & Host Presentation (Dublin Airport)

- ACAM – Apron and TWY studies
- Apron an TWY studies – Examples (Fraport, Munich Airport, DGAC-STAC, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, …)
- Effects of additional high speed exits (DFS)

- Workshop Results of MAD (ASPAG Chairmen)
- Results of MET4LOWW project (University of Salzburg)
- OSL De-Icing study (ARC)
- Accomodating next years traffic growth at EDDF (DFS & Fraport)

Meeting review

8th Meeting – Salzburg 08./09.11.2018

Welcome & Host Presentation (University of Salzburg)

- Workshop Results of DUB (ASPAG Chairmen)
- Airport capacity Guide (DGAC)
- Airport Capacity definitions (DGAC)
- Weather impact on airport performance (DLR)
- Toronto De-Icing operations (ATAC)
- Airport Noise Simulation (RWTH Aachen)
- The future of ARCport and Airtopsoft (Transoft Solutions)
- PROB4LOWW (Austrocontrol)
- Developing competence in airport modelling (NATS)
- Temporary use of a TWY as a Takeoff-RWY (Avinor)

Meeting review

9th Meeting – Amsterdam 09./10.05.2019

Welcome & Host Presentation (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)

- ACRP Doc 190: ‘Common Performance Metrics for Airport Infrastructure and Operational Planning’ (Munich Airport)
- Assessing master plan airside performance : CDG Terminal 4 (DGAC/STAC)
- Capacity calculation (ENAV)
- How NATS supports Heathrow to optimise its decision making? (LHR & NATS)
- Tools and simulation capabilities of the Eurocontrol Validation Infrastructure Unit (Eurocontrol)
- Airport Movement Area Closure Planner (ATAC)
- Simulation results vs. real data (DFS & Fraport)
- CAST Update (ARC)
- Ph.D. thesis introduction: How can weather forecast uncertainty be accounted for in Air Traffic Flow Management (TU Dresden)

Meeting review

10th Meeting – Dubai 28./29.10.2019

Welcome & Host Presentation (Dubai Airports)

- It´s (Air-)Magic – fast time simulation in live ops environment (DFS)
- Validation of Generic Airport Models (Ministry of Transport – NRW)
- Methodology for determining operational or sustainable capacity with FTS (DSNA)
- The challenges of modelling uncertainty (NATS)
- FTS activities overview and next steps (Dubai Air Navigation Services)
- Modeling airports with multiple parallel runways by using surveillance data and simulation (University of Hamburg)
- ATCOSIMA Project: Overview and the Baseline Results (Ekisehir Technical University & University of Zagreb)
- Tower Workload Study (ENAV)
- AEDT Update (ATAC)

Meeting review

11th Meeting – Triest 03./04.11.2022


Welcome & Host Presentation (Trieste Airport & ENAV)

Discussion: Simulation issues and Performance Assessment during an post Covid

Workshop Session on Probability Distributions

Providers Corner – Update from providers of airside simulations, tools, … (all providers)

- Super close runway operations concept (DLR)
- Modelling a General Aviation Airport (DGAC)
- Concept for the simulation of gradual electrification of airside traffic at an airport (Dr. Bubalo)
- Fast time simulation based on AirMagic environment (DFS)
- ATC TWR workload simulations – SCOPE methodology (ENAIRE)
- ACHIL simulation platform (ENAC)


Meeting review & Fare Well for our Chairman Chris Schneider