The focus of ASPAG is to address general and tool-overlapping issues, methods or developments in
the field of airside simulation and performance assessment within Airport and TMA operations that
apply to all analysts in that field. It is not intended to replace any existing tool specific user groups.


- Act as a forum to exchange information on topics (e.g. data acquisition for modelling and
performance analysis, quality assurance, efficient modelling, new or enhanced technologies /
procedures in airport ops and their impact, integrated modelling, KPIs / Level of Service, new
developments, etc.) between all relevant stakeholders from ANSPs, Airport Operators,
Airlines, Consultancies, Research Centers, Academia and Tool Suppliers.

- Encourage the further adoption and promote the use of Airside Simulation & Performance
Analysis tools and methods where appropriate.

- Learn about available airside simulation and performance analysis tools and methods.

- Encourage collaboration between users working on similar topics, identify areas of common
methodology and share best practices.

- Explore potential linkages and foster good relations with other users.


- Membership: is open for current and potential airside simulation users and performance
assessment experts. Membership will be granted upon request by the Chair

- Chairmen: the group is chaired by up to 3 Co-Chairs. They will be elected at the spring
meeting to serve a two-year term of office. The Chair will preside over the group. The Chair
will coordinate all activities within the group, in particular preparation of the meetings i.e.
develop meeting agendas, invite speakers, etc.. Depending on the topics agreed for the next
meeting, non-members can be invited to support the group on various agreed topic areas.
The Chair is keeping track of membership and can distribute information’s relevant for the
group to the members. Every member will be informed about activities of the group and will
get access to the meeting documentation available.

- Meetings: ASPAG will meet twice annually, generally, in the spring and in the fall. Meeting
location will rotate through the membership, with a particular organisation accepting
responsibility for the venue. If necessary to supplement meeting costs, a nominal registration
fee will be required for meeting attendance. Travel time and travel cost should be taken into
account when agreeing on venue